Microchipping Reunites Lost Pets

A microchip is a small identification chip that is implanted under the skin of your pet. Your veterinarian can easily place the chip during any routine visit. You then complete the registration with the company with your contact information. The chip includes free registration for the life of your pet, and complies with ISO standards for international travel. Microchip numbers can be traced back to the clinic that implanted them and Countryside also keeps microchip information in our patient database. A microchip cannot serve as a GPS tracker, but if your dog or cat is lost or stolen, the information on the chip is used to contact you.

Microchipping your pet greatly increases the chance of reuniting you with your lost pet in the event of an accidental escape, natural disaster, or any other unexpected event. Our client, Virginia Cooper, shares the story of her lost cat, that she was happily reunited with after 3 1/2 years!

Skipper 2

 Skipper is a stray that showed up at my home nearly 5 years ago when he was a kitten.  I took him to Countryside for an exam, shots, neuter and microchip.  Skipper is a very friendly, lovable and loving cat.  He made himself at home in my yard and my garage where he slept every night.

My heart was broken when he mysteriously disappeared one day.  I put up flyers, called and visited rescues and Countryside, and combed my neighborhood and beyond.  It was so out of character for Skipper to just walk away from his loving, safe home.

It was so hard to let reality set in after a few months.  I still wanted to believe that one day I would see his beautiful face and spirit again. That was 3 1/2 years ago.

Imagine my absolutely delight, joy and surprise a couple of weeks ago, when I was notified by Petlink, the micro chip company, and Halifax Humane Society, that Skipper had been found!!  He had been picked up in Daytona (I live in Orange City) and turned in to Halifax. I couldn’t get to Halifax fast enough.  And there he was!  My Skipper, looking at me with those beautiful eyes. 2 years later!!  From the time Skipper was turned in to Halifax to the moment I was able to hold him again, was only a matter of a couple of hours!

Skipper is home.  He is just as loving and lovable as he always was.

This is a good news story, but only because Skipper was micro chipped.  I am so grateful to Countryside for being part of this good news story and for taking such awesome care of all my furbabies (and me) these last 7 years.  Skipper’s good news story, is Countryside’s good news story, too!

Thank you,
Virginia Cooper