Nursing Care And Oncology

Countryside's Caring Professionals

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The diagnosis of a pet’s illness requires the proper application of veterinary science, technology, education, and the expertise of a hands-on examination. The diverse educational background of our veterinarians is an asset in diagnosing difficult cases. If your pet is diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, it can be an emotional experience, but the Countryside staff is here to help you every step of the way. Our veterinarians are available to address all of your concerns and discuss the best treatment options available for your cat or dog, including surgery, medication, chemotherapy, or laser therapy. Together with your veterinarian you can determine the best treatment protocol for your pet. You can be assured that your pet’s comfort will be of the utmost importance.

If your pet needs hospital care, the dedicated veterinarians and technicians at Countryside will work together to form the best nursing care team for your pet. Your loved one will be closely monitored in the hospitalization area and a treatment plan followed. You will be kept informed of your pets progress and visitation is always encouraged. At Countryside, technology meets tender loving care to create the perfect atmosphere of healing for your pet.