Bathing Services

Let Countryside give your pet relief from skin allergies and give your nose relief from your pet!

pet bathing by our vet

If your pet is causing you to wrinkle your nose every time you get a hug, bring them into Countryside and let us wash away your problems. Drop them off in the morning and pick them up later that day smelling fresh and clean. Plus, every bath includes a nail trim and ear cleaning at no charge.

Our clinic provides many therapeutic bathing options to treat your pet’s skin conditions such as skin allergies, yeast infections, hot spots and mange. We have a wide variety of medical grade shampoos and conditioners for all of your pet’s skin care needs.

If your pet needs additional veterinary care, you can take advantage of this convenient drop-off service for an examination with a veterinarian or vaccines. If your dog is boarding with us, they will receive a courtesy bath after 4 or more nights.

*Bathing services are only available at the Countryside on Spring Garden Ave. location.