Pain management is a priority!

vets ready for surgery

A wide range of surgical options is available. You can expect your veterinarian to be available to give your pet the best possible care throughout the recovery process. A pre-surgical physical exam and consultation will be performed on every pet prior to an anesthetic procedure. Together with your veterinarian, you will determine the best surgical protocol for your pet. The veterinarians and surgical technicians at Countryside make every effort to keep your pet safe and comfortable. Anesthetic protocols are carefully considered for each pet. Your pet’s heart rate, blood oxygen level and EKG will be carefully monitored throughout the entire surgery and recovery. We use heat support for every patient, and the temperature is monitored during and after surgery. Pain management medication is not optional. Patient comfort is a priority at Countryside.

Surgeries Performed

  • Routine Surgery
    spay and neuter
    cryptorchid neuter

  • Dental Procedures
    scaling and polishing
    dental x-ray
    oral surgery, gingival flap, fistula repair

  • Specialty Procedures
    cherry eye cut or tuck
    ear hematoma
    mass removal
    cystotomy (bladder stone surgery)
    stenotic nares
    episioplasty (for recessed vulva)
    enucleation (eye removal)