Countryside's Veterinarians

Dr. J. Glenn Brewer

Dr. J. Glenn Brewer

University of Georgia

Countryside Founder and Janitor Emeritus (janitor of great merit)

Dr. Brewer bought the land and started blueprints for Countryside Animal Clinic in 1979. His first patient at Countryside was an Irish Setter named Jed in February 1982. Jed visited during the construction phase, waiting for opening day.
Dr. Brewer attended the University of Georgia for undergraduate and veterinary college. He furthered his training at the Animal Medical Center in New York City and owned Clearwater Animal Hospital before moving to Deland. Dr. Brewer and his wife are high school sweethearts from Madison, Georgia.

Over the years they have taken in a multitude of animals they call pets, such as cows, horses, goats, dogs, cats, and chickens. Their breakfast room furniture still has chew marks from teething puppies. Dr. Brewer says their first child was a cat, then they had human babies.

Dr. Brewer’s primary concern has always been the family owned pet and getting to know the family. “The Countryside family of employees are a part of the community. We love participating with the schools and civic organizations for the betterment of our hometown. Of course, there is nothing more rewarding than helping pets who can’t speak for themselves.”

Dr. Stephanie Bryson

Dr. Stephanie Bryson

University of Nebraska

Mississippi State University

Team Countryside since 2002

Dr. Bryson was born and raised in Nebraska. She attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and earned dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Animal Sciences and Bio-Medical Science. Dr. Bryson graduated from the Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine. Immediately after graduation, she moved to Deland and began her career at Countryside. Today, Dr. Bryson is a part owner in the clinic and Chief of Staff.

Dr. Bryson is passionate about the care of our clients and ensuring that Countryside delivers the highest level of medical care in the industry and represents a great value to our clients. Dr. Bryson has a special interest in lameness and orthopedics, and pediatric care of puppies and kittens.

She and her husband, Brandon, have two sons. They are very active in the Deland community and their church. They enjoy boating, spending time with their boys, and supporting them in their various sports activities. They are avid college sports fans, they follow the Florida Universities, the University of Nebraska, and Brandon’s alma mater, Texas Tech.

Dr. Rachael Cunningham

Dr. Rachael Cunningham

Mississippi State University

Team Countryside since: 2002

Dr. Cunningham was born in Newfoundland, Canada and grew up in Wiggins, Mississippi. She graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in the same graduating class as Dr. Bryson.

Dr. Cunningham began her veterinary career at an emergency clinic in Mississippi. She joined the Countryside veterinary team in 2002, following the recommendation of her friend and colleague Dr. Bryson.

At Countryside, Dr. Cunningham is interested in orthopedics, soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology, and dermatology. She is very skilled doctor and surgeon. She routinely performs complicated orthopedic surgeries, mass removals, emergency exploratories, and c-sections. She is also Countryside's foremost bulldog doctor.

Dr. Cunningham lives in Deland with her 3 rescue dogs and 2 kitties. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her daughter and family. They like to go running, biking, kayaking, to the beach, and camping.

Dr. Adrian Mitchel

Dr. Adrian Mitchell

University of Illinois
Kansas State University

Team Countryside since: 2012

Dr. Mitchell is originally from Illinois. She graduated from the University of Illinois with her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. She graduated from the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

She has special interests in oncology, ultrasound, internal medicine, and dermatology. Dr. Mitchell's thorough and hands-on approach makes her an excellent doctor for the long term management of complicated diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

She enjoys dance, yoga, reading books, and watching Disney movies. Dr. Mitchell and her family live in their new home in Deland with their 3 cats and Chessie puppy.

Dr. Courtney Clerkin

Dr. Courtney Clerkin

University of Florida

Team Countryside since: 2017

(Formerly Dr. Payne) Dr. Clerkin graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and graduated with honors from the College of Veterinary Medicine. Before vet school she worked with both large and small animals as a technician. As a veterinarian, she worked at an emergency clinic before coming to Countryside. You can expect her to practice efficient and thorough treatments on all of her patients. Dr. Clerkin offers her expertise in internal medicine and exotic patient care, as well as continuing to work with critical care and emergency patients.

Dr. Clerkin was born and raised in Florida. She loves living the beach life in New Smyrna with her new fiance and 2 dogs. They enjoy spending time outdoors, boating, and scuba diving. She also likes horseback riding and attending events with her horses Els and Guiness. Newlywed Dr. Clerkin and her husband travel as often as possible to places like Costa Rica, Galapagos, Spain, Italy, Budapest, and Prague. She also often visits Ocala where her family lives and owns a restaurant.

Dr. Lindsay Whipple

Dr. Lindsay Whipple

University of Florida

Team Countryside since: 2019

Dr. Whipple is a DeLand native that started as a pet bather when she was 14 years old. She also worked as a technician for 7 years before vet school.

Dr. Whipple stayed close to home when she earned her Bachelor's in Biology from the University of Central Florida before graduating from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

We are happy to welcome Dr. Whipple back to DeLand and into the Countryside family. Our allergy patients will appreciate her skills in dermatology and senior patients will benefit from her interest in dentistry. Most of all, Dr. Whipple focuses on cultivating a bond with her clients and their pets.

Dr. Whipple and her husband enjoy beach activities such as swimming, riding jet skis, playing volleyball, fishing, and boating. They also enjoy cheering on the Gators!

A message from Dr. Whipple: "I am passionate about client education and look forward to meeting all of Countryside's wonderful clients and patients. My goals are for pet owners to feel comfortable with our treatment plan and provide the best quality of veterinary care possible."

Dr. Anne Malisse

Dr. Anne Malisse

University of Edinburgh

Team Countryside since: 2020

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