Dermatology And Allergies

Countryside provides medical care and specialty diets to relieve itchy skin.

pet with skin disorder


After treating pet with skin disorder


Demodectic Mange Before and After

Dogs and cats suffer from allergies too. A human’s allergy symptoms include sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose, whereas a pet will most often exhibit problems through their skin. Living in Florida, pets suffering from itchy skin, ear infections, foot licking, and hair loss is all too familiar. The source of these allergies may be airborne, grass, food, parasites, or from a variety of other factors. The good news is that we can provide relief from itching and scratching for you and your pet. Countryside has a variety of medications, shampoos and hypoallergenic diets options available to help your pet live more comfortably. Call us to schedule an exam and consultation with a veterinarian regarding the health of your pet’s skin and hair coat.