Pet Laboratory And Pharmacy

Countryside has a state-of-the-art laboratory and comprehensive veterinary pharmacy.



Countryside has excellent in-house veterinary laboratory facilities and is able to quickly run a variety of diagnostic tests. Our well-trained and experienced technicians assist veterinarians by running tests for heartworms, intestinal parasites, parvovirus, tick diseases, ear cytology, urinalysis, blood pressure, and skin scrapings.

In-house blood testing is available to screen organ systems for pre-anesthetic procedures or can diagnose conditions such as kidney disease, liver disease, pancreatitis, diabetes, or anemia. We also utilize the resources of America’s largest veterinary diagnostic laboratory for more comprehensive blood testing. Results are often returned the next day and your veterinarian will promptly call you with test results.

We use the services of a board-certified pathologist to evaluate all biopsy specimens. We have a working relationship with the best facilities in the country for specialty testing of thyroid diseases, endocrine disorders, urinary stone analysis, gastrointestinal disorders, and cancer screening. A cardiologist from the Institute of Veterinary Specialists visits on a regular basis for consultations and state of the art cardiac ultrasounds.

Doreen S. explains how delighted she was that the Veterinary Heart Institute is able to perform cardiac ultrasounds on her Ragdoll cat, “We believe these ultrasounds and the medications prescribed have kept this wonderful member of our family alive.”

Our Countryside veterinarians critically evaluate the quality and accuracy of every test before rendering an interpretation. We know that your best friend deserves no less than our best efforts.



Countryside's pharmacy has a wide variety of veterinary specific pharmaceuticals, prescriptions, and specialty products for all of your pet’s health care needs. Every item is carefully researched for based on quality, safety, and efficacy. Special orders are also available upon request. Phone consultations are always welcome. Our veterinarians will be happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding your pet’s medication.