A Countryside veterinarian will give your pets a courtesy examination and consultation with every vaccine.

At Countryside Animal Clinic, vaccines are administered by a veterinarian and include a full physical examination. Vaccine protocol is determined by your veterinarian to provide the best protection for each individual pet.


Rabies is a communicable disease between dogs, cats, people, and wild animals. Vaccinating for Rabies is important for the health of the entire family. Cats get the highest quality Rabies vaccine that is made especially for them.


The canine distemper combination vaccine is given yearly to protect dogs from highly contagious upper respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases such as Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Coronavirus, Adenovirus, and Parainfluenza.

Kennel Cough

The kennel cough is an injectable and intranasal vaccine that protects dogs from Bordetella and other highly contagious upper respiratory viruses. This vaccine is recommended for dogs that frequent the groomer, dog parks, community/social events, boarding kennels, and doggie daycares.

Feline Distemper

The feline distemper combination vaccination protects cats from contagious upper respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases such as Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, and Rhinotracheitis.

Feline Leukemia

Feline Leukemia is a highly contagious and life-threatening virus transmitted between cats. There is no cure for this virus and vaccination is the best protection for your kitty.


Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks and is prevalent in many states. If you travel with your dog, ask your veterinarian about vaccinating for Lyme disease.


The rattlesnake vaccine protects your dog from the worse toxic effects of snake bites.

Ask your Countryside veterinarian about vaccines for your ferrets and pot-bellied pigs too!